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Developing Training programs requires very careful planning and analysis to meet your objectives and pre-determined goals to have a successful training program. The time taken in the planning  and analysis of every detail needed to meet your objectives and goals are often the first critical steps in any training program development.

While shortcuts in any of these areas may be acceptable in some training situations, and in other training requirements situations they may be directly linked to the cause of breakdown of the training effectiveness leading to a complete failures.

TLC Seminars is staffed with highly experienced educators and combined we have over more than 100 years of training development and teaching experience behind us. Our staff is adept at both producing new training programs for new areas and upgrading existing programs. Existing programs can quickly become outdated because of new models, equipment changes or by their familiarity and repeated use. We can refresh or update any program to meet current trends and technologies.

We offer:

  • Training development planning
  • Needs assessment
  • Task analysis
  • Training program specification
  • A plan of instruction (POI)

TLC Seminars is available for assessment and consultation about your training needs. We can provide on-site evaluation of your training programs. Our evaluations of the training will include a detailed analysis of our observations with a comprehensive report generated outlining our findings along with our recommendation for change, if needed.

We believe that all training or seminars should be dynamic, inspiring, and have the listener wanting to learn more. The new trends in training are not trying to make sure the individual learns every detail or fact, but to motivate them to continually learn more or to buy a product or service now!

For further information about training evaluations or assistance, please contact us at your convenience.


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