TLC Seminars has been on the Internet since 1992 quietly conducting and providing training services to our customers around the world.

TLC Seminars has significant experience in building people skills with its presentation skills, basic instructor, and advance instructor training programs, and also in developing new or custom training programs to meet your needs.

Our training staff are all highly experienced educators with years of combined teaching and training experience behind us.

Our Customer Service policy.

We have only one thought in mind when it comes to our customer services and resolving customer issues, and that is "We will do whatever it takes".

Our training philosophy is a simple one!

We firmly believe to be a trainer requires more than simply standing in front of your class reading from a lesson plan, book or manual. To be effective as a trainer, you must know how to communicate effectively and knowledgeable about creating innovative, challenging and motivating learning environments that inspires the listeners to reach beyond their personal learning goals.

Teaching others how to learn new skills demands very hard work on the trainer part to develop these teaching skills needed to become successful. It requires them to learn more than just the basic teaching skills. It requires learning about human learning behaviors and how to apply that knowledge in a training environment. We also believe its critical as a trainer, they have excellence people skills.


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