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Up to this point we have focused on the developmental aspects of being an instructor/trainer. Let's now turn our attention to you and your presentation and management skills, everyone needs them and learn how to use them effectively.

We live in a world that is very complex and it is very demanding on us as individuals, and it's sophistication is the compelling force that forces us all to learn how to communicate effectively and manage the things around us. Have you noticed, those individuals who have developed their speaking skills are often those who are in great demand because of their ability to communicate well with others. Also have you also noticed they always seem to be organized too or well at least it appears that way.

As you enter into the training world you are going to be presenting information and training a wide range of people that make's up our world. With that comes your abilities to communicate your information as clearly and as accurately as possible to those individuals, and it's quite possible that many of your students could or will have a primary language, cultures, and customs other than your own, challenging your presentation and teaching skills.

Developing your professional presentation and teaching skills is in some ways closely related to that of a person who is in show business. No! Not acting, but their showmanship, which is an art within itself. We all need to learn some of the same skills and knacks, we see the actors use all the time, where they seem to remain so calm, cool and collected as they entertain us.

Of course, they have one great advantage that we do not have, someone screaming in the background CUT!! HOLD IT!  Let's try that again when a mistake is made or it didn't go quiet as planned.

However, it would be a safe to say, when they first started in the business of acting, it wasn't like that. They made their fair share of mistakes (so will you!) while they learned those basic acting skills and methods to look so cool and professional in front of us the audience.

Without going to acting school let's take a look at some of the ways we can improve on our showmanship.  So we don't have someone in the background screaming "CUT, HOLD IT!", but somehow, I don't think they would be saying just that, maybe YOU'RE FIRED! might be closer.

Let's start with the following topics and work our way through them:


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